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Providing children’s educational materials in a unique and attractive way for children from 2-7 years of age since 2018


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To make every child competent and self-supporting.


Provide excellent and Quality Educational learning aid materials for each child keeping with HER or HIS individual needs.


Our country has a population of more than 114 million where we have more than 70% of the population is youth and we have a population growth of 3% per annul. On top of that there are about 30 million people enrolled in schools but if we look at the situation children are not even getting a quality education.

If all these young people and children do not get quality education, they will not be successful citizens of tomorrow.

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As we take on this great responsibility, we are facing many challenges but still, we are doing the most realistic work, and we believe that it is a responsibility for everyone to work together and participate in and we must all work together to create a better tomorrow for children in our country,  in Africa and entire world. As a result, to reach out to thousands of children by delivering adequate educational tools (in different local languages) and produce more quality learning materials and achieve the desired result, 

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